Kazi Madiha Salin, BAF


Rolly Yadav, BAF

Dont ever give up Failure and success is in everyones cup. Rain becomes more enjoyable if it follows a sunny day. Food becomes more relishing if you stay hungry for days. So, dont ever give up. Failure and success is in everyones cup. Gold becomes a beautiful ornament after molding and heating. Marble becomes beautiful statue by carving and beating. So, dont ever give up. Failure and success is in everyones cup. Pebble becomes smooth by constant rolling. Pencil becomes useable by sharpening. So, dont ever give up. Failure and success is in everyones cup.

Komal Patail, Bsc.IT


Education the light of our life A gift of academic life.

Education the key to a bright and rewarding future A glue that joins dreams like a statue.

Education a parth to divine success A smooth drive to our greatness.

Education gives our thinking a different appearance And helps drive away all our ignorance.

Education leads us to the path of prosperity And give our tomorrow a sounding security.

Education the process of teaching and learning which will helps us in our future earning.

Education shaping our true charater is the motto Leading to a successful life it is the major factor.

Education the progressive discovery of our trueself An exploitation of the potentials of one self.

Education a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army A life boat that see us through our days of stormy.

Education a torch of academic brilliance A backbone of inner resillance.

Education is not all about bookish knowledge But it is also about pratical knowledge.

Education makes a person stand up on toes And helps a person to fight with all his foes.

Education a thick line between right and wrong A laddar that takes us to the height were we belong.

Education mother of all profession That helps accquires all our sessions Education is our right For in it our future is bright.

Aparna Iyer, BMM


Universities provide and open door For further knowledge to do better With so much of open opportunity The person can shape his destiny

The school level education is insufficient Even though it is necessary at present The children pick elementary knowledge For further study, university provides passage.

It is not possible without government aid Lots of thing are needed and often said The professors are picked with high caliber The students pick the best when offered.

In olden days the sages camp was considered ideal The moral values and its use in our life was made real But no time has really changed after industrial revolution The world at large needs some changes with firm resolutions.

Poverty and education poses great problem Both cannot be tackled without our great concern Some solutions have to made to cope up with human aspiration University and other institutions provide up gradation.

High level education is must for overall growth We need to cater large population elsewhere, here or both An education helps to overcome such tricky problems Lets us strengthen these solution to such problems.

Aparna Iyer (SYBMM)

Shardai Shetty, BMM



As kids, we spend around 6 hours of the day with teachers, which becomes around 30 hours a week and approximately 1500 hours per year. Astonishing, isnt it? They impact on us as enduringly as our parents do. School life is the most important phase of our life. At that age, we absorb everything at a go. We meticulously observe our surroundings and unknowingly grasp all that we should and all that we shouldnt. All that our teachers teach is all that we become. Their behavior towards us shapes our mind and eventually, we groom ourselves the way they treat us. If a teacher is kind to you, you stay kind to everyone. If your teacher scares you, youll either scare everyone or stay scared by all the teachers who further come in your life. Its an undeniable fact that they leave a permanent imprint on our lives and today whoever we are, its all because of our beloved teachers. Their job isnt as easy at looks. It takes a lot of determination and patience to raise a child and teach him about all the good things in the world. All they aim for is that the child grows up to be a confident, independent and mainly make sure that an idol human being takes ahead the legacy of a mind which doesnt know the difference between good and bad. Our journey with teachers never breaks. They are our FLL, our FRIENDS FOR LIFE and surely beyond that. While all the time a teacher grooms you, have you ever wondered, who is their teacher? Their teachers are we students who teach them the art of sticking by us through thick and thin. We grow patience and adherence in them and as we learn from them, they learn from us, too. Lets keep this beautiful relation of teachers and students alive for generations. My mate, make sure that you are a good teacher, too!

Kazi Madiha Salin, BAF


“The success is in your effort”

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. How do you define success? LOOK IN THE MIRROR, can you honestly tell yourself you have given everything you have and if you know you can give more, then given more. Winners always do this.THEY KEEP GOING.THEY STAY IN THE FIGHT. THEY FIGHT HARDER and then, one day they look back with pride because they remember those tough moments, those moments where they had given every night, evry day,every moment their sweat n hard work but they refused to accept defeat and that my friends is what its all about. We all have huge challenges ahead but I wonder who among you is going to be brave enough to stick it out,who among you is going to be couragious enough to fight through the pain. “Success is not given, it is EARNED” and it is DESERVED. You can define success in whatever words you want but if you cant look at yourself in the mirror, and know you dont deserve it, you are not successful. “NO ONE CAN DEFINE YOUR SUCCESS”, you and only you can define it by one simple question :- “Have you given all your effort? YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL but it can come only with effort. its not always going to go your way but if you can hold your hand up and know I gave my all, thats your reward, its not always the “˜PRIZE, thats the reward, its the CHARACTER YOU BUILD FROM THE EFFORT,FROM THE BLOOD ,SWEAT AND TEARS. Give your 100% not 97,98,99 or any other numbers. PUSH YOURSELF TO BECOME THE PERSON you are destined to become. Leave nothing on the table. NO REGRET. EFFORT is what gets you the pride,effort is what gets you the respect .THE SUCCESS IS IN YOUR EFFORTS.

Ronnie Peter DSouza, BMS


Education is a basic need required by an individual. Life at times has no value, if you lack with the skill of education because ones personality is totally based on the education he gains. It develops an individual to face the Worlds challenges which can easily defect the person who is not known to this beautiful vision labelled “EDUCATION”. The person gets stronger, wiser, and clever and attains the capabilities to gain a good mentality and a positive attitude towards what they see and what they believe because the one who is educated believes that. “REAL EYES. REALISE. REAL LIES.” And as its said that every coin has two sides. They decide to be mentally stable because education has empowered them in a way that they could judge a situation with their potentialities. An educated person never forgets the teaching that they have planted in their brain which grows with each and everything they see, feel and hear. Education helps to build a suitable position for the youth of our country and get them what they want to achieve and dream. Life is way too short for bad vibes, education helps to kill the negativity surrounding a person. Education is said to be a very powerful weapon which can defend you from any uncertain consequences and circumstances. THE BEST INVESTMENT IS EDUCATION IN THIS UNIVERSE because my friend, without education you are landing nowhere in this huge world. The profit of education is immense; you can never measure the power of education. All what education teaches is possibilities for positivity and surviving strength for your future activity .So lets spread the light of education in every home by making a person educated and responsible towards the society and themselves. Education is never ending unless you stop finding it because its an ocean in which everyone is deserved to be drowned .Education helps a man to get out of the greatest prison of what others will think about them and their capabilities. And poor is not the one who lacks money but the one who lacks education. Yet education gives you so much of wisdom that “Let your world be so deep, that your life learns a lesson from you.” From eating an apple to Steve Jobs “Apple”. Everything in it had a creative mind and someones beautiful teachings. “Apple to Apple” -This covers everything in it, the whole technology which was not possible without education. Education is important as it teaches the difference between essential and necessary. Everyone should believe in this phrase which says “Knowledge is my currency, You give me 1, Ill give you 3” THANK YOU!

Qureshi Eram Akbar, BCOM


Many people in this world believe that gaming is addictive and can lead to violence, a belief that is not substantiated by research. Study found that people or children who play video games spend much time playing, which can be utilized for learning or reading or for doing other activities. “Can video games be used for learning in classroom and would they have positive result???

Educational games can be a powerful tool for teaching and learning. These games are used to reinforce learning; they offer immediate feedback and increase the interest of learners.

Games based learning is a simple concept, where games are used as a learning tool to engage students. Considering learning effectiveness, we can consider whether the games provides meaningful learning activity or whether the game is just a fun activity and does not necessarily lead to learning. Learning outcomes are including memorizations, creativity and knowledge. It can provide an enriched learning experience. Online gaming provides a context for adaptive learning. These online games allow students to use skills for researches, problem solving, writing, leadership, literary and many more.

Games based learning has gained more interaction in recent years and is becoming more accessible with many benefits. Games and fun based learning can be personalized as well.

GBL (game based learning) can even be used for practicing and multiplying existing skills. It engages students, and if students are engaged they will embrace learning rather than view it as a tedious boring learning experience.

Shaista Sayyed, BMM


India is a vast country, with different cultural and geographical diversities. There are number of different languages spoken across the country. Some of these languages are accepted nationally, while other are accepted as dialects of particular regions. These languages originated from the past, most of them belong to several major linguistic families, like Indo-Aryan (spoken by 70% Indians), Dravidian languages (spoken by 20% Indians),Austro-Asiatic languages and Tibet- Burman linguistic languages.

The Indian constitution (Article 343) declares, Hindi is the official language of the union. Hindi is also the mother tongue of about 20% of the Indian population, living in the area known as the Hindi-belt or the cow-belt of northern India. This includes the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttaranchal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. Haryana and Himachal Pradesh also have Hindi as their official language.

English language is the second commonly used language in India. It enjoys a special status and remains second official language of India. It is also the authoritative legislative and judicial language. Apart from English and Hindi, there are the various regional spoken or written languages. In fact, each state of India has its Dialects; however, the 28th schedule of the constitution of India officially accepts 22 regional languages.

Language of India:- 1- Assamese:-A language of Assam thats spoken by nearly 60% of the states population. 2- Bodo:-It is the language spoken by the Bodo people of Assam, it comes under the Assam ““Burmese group of language. 3- Dogri:-Mainly spoken by the people of Jammu region. 4- Maithili:- Mostly spoken in the parts of Bihar and the eastern Terai region of Nepal. 5- Manipuri/Meiti:- Official language of state of Manipur 6- Oriya:- the official language of Nepal ,it is also spoken in some north eastern part of India 7- Santhali:- Santhal tribal of the chota Nagpur Plateau (Comprising the state of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand,Orissa)

Arun Gupta, M. Com.


I was just passing through college premises, and overheard two people on my way out saying “arrey yaar tujhe pata hai, yeh baar to result kharab aaya hai “¦boss apna kaise hoga? ” And I started thinking, The student without even attempting the exams, without even putting a show of his own, sunk into the feeling that he might not clear. And that is the moment when, something that Sir Albert Einstein quoted struck my mind, “Imagination is bigger than knowledge.” Knowledge can take you from A to B, but imagination, can take you everywhere. It is this imagination that one needs to have, that, one WILL clear through. It is this belief, this faith they need to have in themselves, and the logic is very simple, if one doesnt believe in himself/herself, why should anybody else believe in them? In my life as a student, I have never come across a student who doesnt study. Everyone gives the best on their part and still only a few clear. Did you ever wonder why? Because, only a very few believed in themselves that they will sail through and it is exactly those very few, who managed to clear. So, is it only about what you study and how much you study? And the answer is NO, its NOT”¦. Consider that 21/2 hours paper as the second innings of a cricket match. The innings where you have to chase 100 runs and the overs are 3 and MS. Dhoni is the last batsman. And the moment you convert things, the first statistics, that you pull out, is the average runs per over. You realize that Dhoni needs to put in 33.33 runs to an over, and he is the last batsman, the pressure is mounting. Imagine, Dhoni losing his confidence at such point of time. Maybe the bowler (i.e. the question) or just the pressure to score so many runs pulls him down. Do you think, if he loses his confidence at this point of time, would he ever be able to bring a victory to himself and his team?? Ever?? Whether he is capable of doing that or not, is a secondary question, but does he feel he can do it or not, is what is more important. The exam scenario is exactly the same. You need to believe in yourself that the task is achievable for you. Positivity is what has changed a lot of things, for a lot of people. The best example that comes to mind is our father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. It was his belief in Satyagraha that turned India into a free nation. Thus, one has to understand, than anything else, is to believe in themselves that they are able to crack it. The most important factor post the BELIEF, is to be ABLE enough to achieve what you BELIEVE, and that is something which is in your hands. A lot of people who might be attempting for the second time, would feel at the time of studying, “yaar yeh toh aata hai, yeh bhi kiya tha last attempt mein.. etc etc etc” But, if you knew everything, why couldnt you pass then? Because, the way you have studied isnt right to put you across the border. Keep one thing in mind; papers are never to be predicted. The more you predict your paper, less is the chances of getting through. So dont try to study selectively, but make you sure you study smartly.